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I’m sure you’ve been in the place where your child is crying and upset, but too young to tell you what’s wrong. Teething? Earache? Upset stomach? I love having doTERRA in my home. One of my favorite reasons is because doTERRA essential oils are safe and effective to use with babies. Even when I don’t know what’s exactly wrong with her, I can use several oils and not worry about overdosing her or using the wrong medication. The other day, she was crying and seemed in pain. I wasn’t sure if it was her teeth or stomach. So I put clove on her teeth and orange on her tummy. She was happy again in a few minutes. I don’t know what the problem was, but one of the oils fixed it! :)

I generally dilute on all babies, just because they are small and sensitive. How do you use essential oils for your babies and toddlers?

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